Thursday, May 21, 2009

Walnut Plywood Portfolio

Woodworking in the studio:

This wooden portfolio was built last week for a Los Angeles graphic designer, Tracie Fong. She chose to go with a sturdy walnut plywood cover and wanted a dark brown stain to contrast the aluminum screw posts and matte silver foil stamp of her name. This portfolio is simple for her to assemble as she can change out the interior pages with a quick twist of 3 screws. She wanted to include a CD with her presentation so I created a pocket that is centered on the inside front cover that perfectly and securely houses the disc. The entire inside of the portfolio is finished in a chocolate brown linen bookcloth.

Since Tracie plans to fill her portfolio with her own printed pages, I included a template for her to use a guide for printing, trimming and hole punching to ensure perfect alignment with the covers.

Tracie's work can be seen at


  1. I really appreciate all of the craftsmanship that you put into making my portfolio. You allowed me to put my input in during the entire process of creating the portfolio, and the outcome is lovely. I'm getting a lot of good feed on it. Thanks again!

    Tracie Fong, Graphic Designer

  2. I am thinking of purchasing a wooden portfolio myself. I have a couple questions first. What is the actual sizes of the wooden cover? I know the inside pages are 11 by 17, but what is the size of the book? Could you get insert pages, so I could slip my 11 by 17 designs into them? Reason being I do not actually want to hole punch my designs?