Friday, May 22, 2009

3 Prototypes

MEA Digital, a marketing agency based in San Diego, contacted me to build an edition of slipcases to house some promotional materials that they were planning on sending out. Since the 3 pieces, 2 books and a CD case, were all different sizes, a simple slipcase wasn't going to fit the bill.

A three paneled presentation folder seemed to be a more practical solution. On the center panel, there is a thin pocket that the back cover of the large horizontal book slips into. It is the primary focus when the folder is opened. To the left is a similar pocket that will hold a smaller book and to the far right is a solid panel that the cardstock CD case will be adhered to. The right panel overlaps and attaches to the left panel via hidden Rare Earth NdFeB magnets. This design was a big hit so now it's about color. I made 3 prototypes, red outside with grey interior, red outside with black interior and finally an all black folder. The embossed "m" logo entered the picture on the final all black folder and really adds a great touch in my opinion.

Check back to see the progress of this project and to find out more about MEA Digital you can visit their site at

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