Monday, May 28, 2012

6 New Colors

6 new coated fabrics have just been added to the covering options for portfolios, presentation boxes and invitation folders.

There are now 43 options available in 3 types of covering materials; linen, metallic and coated.

These new coated fabrics are very easy to maintain as they can be gently wiped down with a lightly dampened cloth.  They are impregnated with a sizing that prevents the moisture from penetrating the material and reaching the core of the structure. The metallics also have this property which make them, along with the coated materials, ideal for portfolios that will see a lot of use or that are left out to be handled on a daily basis.  You can request swatches of these or any of the 43 fabrics by sending an email to The full color chart can been seen here at

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hinge Strips 101

Hinge strips are the perfect tool to add flexibility to the pages of your portfolio. Photo paper and other heavier pages do not bend or turn easily and have a tendency to flip back.  These hinges are made with a very thin, flexible fabric that allows the page to turn easily and lie flat.  On the left of each hinge is a strip of 100 lb paper, which adds stability and strength to the fabric where the holes are punched.  The following photographs provide step by step assistance to show you how to apply these custom made hinge strips.  

Photo 2:  Peel the 1/4" backing paper to expose the adhesive strip.

Photo 3:  Carefully place the photograph on top of the adhesive strip and align it with the edge of the adhesive.

Photo 4:  Apply pressure along strip to ensure full contact.

Photo 5:  With cover removed, place the hinged page over the screw posts.

Photo 6:  Place the cover on top of the stack of hinged pages and reinsert the screws.

The hinge strips can be purchased at  They are sized and hole punched to fit Kristin Dunn bookbinding & design portfolios.  They will not necessarily fit any other brand of portfolio. Hinge strips are available in black and white.  You can purchase white hinge strips here at and black hinge strips here.