Friday, October 23, 2009

Big Box

This is the largest box I've made to date and I'm really excited about the possibilities it has opened up. I had always seen the 38" x 26" dimensions of the bookboard as the limit. After watching a home improvement show about how laminated plywood beams are made I decided that more than likely those limits didn't exist. For each of the 11 pieces that make up the structure of the box, I cut 4 strips of .059 bookboard and laminated them, overlapping the seams of each. The box measure 42" long, so I used one piece of 38" and one piece of 4 1/2" and reversed the placement on each layer. After the glue had dried I trimmed the ends down to the proper length. This produced a super strong and stable piece of bookboard that I knew could support the weight of the finished box. Since the box is so large it was important to build it with 1/4" walls, standard 1/8" walls would have made for a very flimsy and unwieldy structure. Trimming the pieces was a bit tricky. As with the pieces of any box it is so important that they are cut at perfect 90 degree angles through their width. 1/4" thick pieces do not fit into the board cutter so they are all hand cut. It takes a real steady hand and perfect attention to keep the blade straight when cutting through that thickness. Once all the pieces were finally trimmed and glued, I covered the box in a lime green linen cloth and lined the trays with a deep wine colored Dupioni silk. I really like this color combination and am very happy with the finished product. I'm looking forward to applying this new technique to the creation of some unique and impressive custom portfolio and presentation pieces.

Monday, October 5, 2009


I am very excited about my recent move to a much larger studio. It feels good to spread out and have more space around my equipment. I'm still trying to get everything in order and figure out the best way to use the space. More than likely I'll move things around before I'm satisfied but here are some photos as things are for the moment. I'm looking forward to taking on some new, exciting and larger projects as the year winds down.