Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Architectural Photographer's Portfolio

This was the second run of Los Angeles based photographer Lawrence Anderson's portfolio so I decided to record a little of the action this time.

The development of this portfolio was quite involved and required the coordination of many designers and craftspeople. Every
aspect of the presentation, from the printing and paper choice to the durability and appropriateness of the shipping containers was considered. It was a fun process which resulted in an extraordinary presentation of Lawrence's work that has seen nothing but rave reviews from it's recipients.

At the core of this piece are two hefty and beautifully printed stacks of 13 x 13 images. Each stack slides into a diagonal hard edged pocket that has a birch veneer backing. The pocket is secured inside of a folder that is covered in a rich dark blue textured Japanese bookcloth. Each folder has the Anderson logo embossed on its cover.

The two folders then fit into the notched tray of a drop spine box. The notch in the tray is angled to match the inner pockets and allows for the folders to be lifted out. At the bottom of this tray is a repeat of the veneer liner that is the pocket back. The box is covered in the same dark blue fabric as the folders and has a smooth linen cornflower accent color on the flap and around the tray. The box stays securely closed with magnets that are hidden in the bright blue flap that is angled at the same degree as the notch in the tray and the pockets in the folders. A smaller version of the Anderson logo is embossed on the box cover along the edge of the angled flap.

The top left photo shows the box tray and cover as separate unlined pieces before they are glued together. The top right image is the embossing of the logo. The bottom left is gluing the veneer liner into the bottom of the box tray and finally gluing the angled liner onto the inside of the magnetic flap. Once all of the pieces are glued together, they are pressed under a lot of weight for 2 days and are then ready to send off.

You can find out more about Lawrence Anderson and see his amazing work at