Thursday, May 14, 2009

Meet Some of My Tools

My first day on the blog:

With this blog I plan to create a place where my clients, potential clients, bookbinding enthusiasts, artist, designers and all other interested folks, can follow the daily goings on at my studio. I will document some of the most interesting custom boxmaking, bookbinding and presentation projects that come before me. Before I get into the details of these projects, I thought it necessary to introduce a few of my tools.....I could make almost nothing without them.

At the top left is a WireMac 31 which is a wire binding machine. I barely use this but it's great to have around for a quick bind. Next is a Ridgid table saw that I use for cutting plywood for custom wooden portfolios. At the top right is a Kwikprint 55. I use this daily for embossing and foil stamping, a great way to further customize portfolios and presentation pieces. Another work horse of the shop is the Kutrimmer 1071 at the bottom left. This cuts my bookboard and after many solid years of use, it is still making straight sharp cuts. At the bottom center are the tools that no bookbinder can do without and the ones that I am most attached to. Not shown in this "basics" group, (because it shouldn't be in pictures) is my glue brush which is a 75 cent ace hardware brush that I have used daily for 5 years. I dread the day when I have to retire this brush. The dried glue on the handle is formed perfectly to my hand. Finally at the bottom right is the Dahle Guillotine cutter, a necessity for for creating flush edged journals, albums an sketchbooks in a pinch.

More photos of the studio will come but for now the projects will take center stage.

Welcome to my blog....I hope you'll check back regularly to see what's new at Kristin Dunn bookbinding and design. I hope you will also visit my website at

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