Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Bookbinding and the Unexpected Everyday Object

Custom bookbinding is an old tradition and pretty niche industry. Whether a binder makes handsewn embossed leather tomes or sleek modern structures like our screwpost portfolios, albums and portfolio boxes, most of us in this industry got into our profession, at least in part, because of our love of books: their form, their varied structures and their roles in our everyday lives: as beautiful and protective capsules for important text, images and information.

But every so often a job calls for us to reframe our roles as bookmakers to create something a little more unorthodox.

We enjoyed our recent collaboration with Garnica Interiors to create these beautiful and hardy boxes as a smart clutter solution for a client’s laundry room. The larger of the boxes features a magnetic front for easy access as it will sit high on a shelf, and the custom turquoise color ordered specifically for these boxes matches the tile in the room. We hope for photos and can’t wait to see how they are incorporated in the space.

This recent job also brings to mind the deceptively simple flax linen storage boxes we made for another of Garnica’s clients a while back, among other home furnishing orders. These sleek, utilitarian containers are all function without sacrificing form, with the quiet power to transform a domestic or working space into a more serene, productive space.

Days like these have us thinking it might be time to really step up our own laundry room game! Why not update the old Ikea Kallax with something a little more chic and coordinated to the room’s color scheme? Why suffer flimsy corrugated file boxes or that weird junk shelf under the entryway table when you have hearty bookboard and a variety of bookcloth colors to choose from?

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