Friday, March 4, 2011

Slipcases are here

Over the past year I've received many requests to add slipcases to the website and now, with the launch of the new site,  they can be ordered online.  As with all of the portfolios and presentation boxes available online, the slipcases can be covered in any of the 35 linen or metallic fabrics.

At the time of ordering, it is important to know the thickness of the stack of pages going into your portfolio otherwise the slipcase will not fit properly.  To get an accurate measurement, stack up the pages along with anything being mounted to them and place your ruler at the thickest point of that stack.  You will choose this measurement from a drop down menu when you place your order.  This will be added to the thickness of the portfolio itself to ensure a proper fit for the slipcase.  If you are ordering either the hinges pages or the polypropylene sheet protectors along with your portfolio you should just measure the materials that you'll be inserting or mounting.

You can find more information about slipcase here:

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