Friday, January 14, 2011

Making it your own

This green exposed screw post portfolio is one that I recently shipped out and is one that I am particularly fond of.  It is a terrific example of how the online store can be used to create a truly one of a kind portfolio.

This is a landscape format 11 x 14 exposed screw post portfolio covered in "bright green" fabric.  Dante sent me the printed paper that she wanted to use for the endsheets and a pdf of how she wanted everything laid out including the position of her name.  The foil stamping was done along the foredge in matte silver using Font #9. Both, the round business card pocket and the vertical pocket, are standard sized pockets that can be ordered online.  She chose to cover them in "confederate" fabric to match the scales on the endsheets.

Quite often portfolios tend toward the subtle and conservative, and for good reason, but when the situation permits, make yours stand out from the crowd by being creative with the color and embellishment options.  You can always call or email to see if your ideas are possible before you place your order, more than likely they are.  You can start building your portfolio online now

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