Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Portfolio Design

I am very excited to be offering a new portfolio design in the online store.  With it's super clean solid lines, this portfolio is something you'll be proud to show off.  I'm calling it the coffee table style book because it has the look of a hard cover art book that you could leave out on display at your home or office. When combined with foil stamping or embossing of your name or logo, this design has a strikingly professional look.  It also maintains the flexibility of the other designs.  This portfolio uses screw posts so you can easily swap pages in and out and can even replace pages with spine spacers if you decide to display fewer pages.  I recommend ordering your portfolio to fit the maximum number of pages that you would possibly include, as fixed spine books can accommodate no more than the number of pages that they are designed to hold.

You can insert your own printed pages by using the included template for hole punching or you can purchase black or white hinged pages in the online store.  These can be used for mounting photographs or other printed material.

Please visit the website for more details and to see the many size and color options available for this portfolio.

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  1. Wow the designs seems wonderful. One can now use the presentation folders safely. I just love to carry different presentation folder as per the current vogue. your images seems excellent. Thanks for the post! :)