Thursday, September 9, 2010

Spine Covers now available in the online store

If you're looking for the look of a hard bound coffee table style book but still need the flexibility to add and subtract pages from your portfolio, then this spine cover is a perfect solution. The spine cover is a "U" shaped channel that hides the spine edge of your portfolio pages and is sandwiched between the front and back covers.

It can be built to accommodate any thickness of pages. You should consider the maximum thickness of pages that you will be putting into your portfolio when determining the width of the spine cover. You will still be able to use this spine cover if you decrease the thickness of pages by up to 1/8" without noticing a big difference. However if you increase the thickness of your pages, you will need to order a larger width.

To determine which size spine cover is appropriate for your portfolio, stack your prepared pages, including any spine spacers and measure the thickness on the left hand side where they will be bound. Please call or email if you are unsure which size to order. Visit the website at or go straight to the listing to find out more about spine covers.

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