Thursday, September 24, 2009

Photographer's Portfolio

Long Beach photographer Wes Kroninger found me through this blog and was surprised to find that I was only 1 mile from his office. After a few visits to my studio and some time living with fabric swatches and foil stamping samples, Wes decided to go with a black hidden screw post portfolio and slipcase set with a subtle foil stamped logo in the bottom right corner. The foil stamping turned out great. Since the letters in his logo had plenty of space between them, I was able to use 2 different colors with just one die. The grey inner liner behind the pocket matched well with the logo and connected the outside and inside of the presentation together. I really like the the matte black "WK" that Wes chose to put on the portfolio's spine. It's these very small details that often make all the difference.

You can visit Wes Kroninger's website here and his blog here.

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